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Buying a home can be the biggest financial transaction people ever undertake. We offer a bespoke service to ease you through this process as smoothly as possible.

Home purchases & remortgages:
The facts

Our job is to make the complicated process of buying a property run smoothly. We are a ‘Whole of Market Independent Mortgage Advisor’, which means we can review options across the entire market.

The aim is not only to find the best possible price, but choose the right lender for the job. They need to understand your personal circumstances, have a competent team and have the capacity to deal with your enquiry quickly. Most important of all; if they say ‘yes’ to an application today, this needs to still be a ‘yes’ in two weeks’ time. This is where the role of Uplift becomes nuanced and experience plays a role.

It is our job to get you in your home as cheaply, quickly and smoothly as possible.

If you’re looking to buy a home and aren’t lucky enough to have enough liquid cash to make the purchase, a mortgage is for you. A mortgage is a tool that can make the difference between renting and owning.

With a deposit from 5%, you can potentially spread the cost over 40 years. Many people find their monthly payments are lower than their rent would have been, and they have the added bonus of gradually building their wealth as the mortgage is repaid. Over time, the feeling of stability can make a huge difference in people’s lives. 

It is an incredibly important thing to get right, we have made a commitment to ethical advice to improve the lives of our clients. Remortgaging is a process for those who already own a property. A ‘remortgage’ is paying off an old mortgage by taking out a new one, like trading in an old car. Thus ‘re-mortgage’, is like saying ‘mortgage again’. Your new mortgage may be cheaper, or your property might have increased in value so you can draw money out of it (referred to as ‘capital raising’).

There are a variety of circumstances that could lead you to remortgage.
As a specialist mortgage advisor, we deal with difficult cases or clients looking for a high quality service. We deeply understand the mortgage market. We can take your goals, understand your circumstances and translate them into results.

Whole of market advice
Full range of high street and specialist lenders
Tailored advice
Free initial consultation

Why get a mortgage?

A mortgage is a tool that might get you your dream home. It’s a word that can sound quite dull to a lot of people. But we like them, and we like them because of what they can do.

Instead of renting, home ownership builds your wealth. Each month, part of your payment will reduce the balance of your mortgage and you effectively own a little more of the property. The lender will charge interest, which is their profit for lending you the money. You get the advantage of only needing to put down a portion of the property value in cash, say a 10% deposit. You then get to spread the cost of that remaining 90% over 40 years.

Not suitable for:

Rental properties
Those without a provable income
Commercial properties
Undischarged bankrupts

Suitable for:

First-time buyers
The self-employed or contractors
Changing a home to a rental property
Individuals with only investment income
Shared ownership
Help to buy
Raising a deposit for a purchase
Raising money for home improvements
Debt consolidation
Adverse credit

Why remortgage?

To ‘remortgage’ is to replace your old mortgage with a new one. It might be that you arranged your original mortgage five years ago, and your circumstances have changed but your mortgage hasn’t. Most people remortgage for one of two reasons:

- Get a cheaper deal – lowering your monthly payments can make a big difference. Interest rates are currently the lowest they have ever been, many people are taking advantage of this.

- Pull money out of your property – if you want to buy an investment property, complete that loft conversion or repay credit cards we can remortgage to ‘capital raise’ for most legal purposes.

Then there are more complex situations. You might want to move out of your current house, rent it and buy a new one. This is a niche scenario called a ‘Let to Buy’, we can often pull enough deposit out of a client’s current home for them to buy another with them making a bit of profit from rental income (hopefully)


Still confused or not sure this is what you need?

Did you know you can purchase property through your LTD click below to understand the benefits.

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How to get a mortgage?

The easiest way is to give us a call, we deal with this process every day. The lender will want to know how much you earn, how much deposit you have and what your credit history is.

With these three things we can look at every Lender in the UK and decide which is right for you. We then manage the process from start to finish, handling documents, applications and contact with the Lender.

When not to get a mortgage?

If you think that realistically, you will not be able to afford the payments then do not get a mortgage. Or if you think your circumstances may change significantly, like losing your job, then a mortgage is not appropriate.
You will always need a deposit to get a mortgage, this can be a gift from a family member. This can never be a loan. If you do not have a deposit, a mortgage is not for you.

There are also some situations when a different mortgage product may be more suitable. For example, purchasing a property through a limited company buy to let mortgage can be more advantageous for some. Or, if for example you want to buy a property such as a shop with an apartment above it you may need a semi-commercial mortgage .

These are areas that we will discuss with you when looking at your options and we will always broker the best deal for your specific circumstances.

When not to remortgage?

If we think you do not stand to benefit from remortgaging, we will tell you. You can sometimes get a new, lower interest rate from your current lender (this is called a ‘product switch’. If you’re looking to raise capital, your current lender may be able to give you a Further Advance (more money on your current mortgage). As part of our ethical commitment to good advice, we always check these two options before proceeding with any remortgage activity.

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