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Joint Venture: The facts

A Joint Venture is a profit sharing agreement, they're designed for experienced developers who need to free up capital for other projects. Some JVs do not require any money down at all, with Lenders providing the entireity of purchase, build costs, profeshional fees and so on.

Works on a % split of
No money down available
Free up capital for other projects
Each deal bespoke

Suitable for:

  • Experienced developers with 5-10 years of personal projects
  • Applicants with strong credit
  • Those with a strong asset balance
  • Developers who have completed aproject

Not Suitable for:

  • Developers with less than 5 years experience
  • Those with non-perfect credit ratings
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Questions you may have.

What is a joint venture?

Essentially, a Joint Venture is a profit sharing agreement on property developments. It avoids requiring the developer to put in much personal cash and split the profits of the development in return.

Why would a developer use a joint venture?

The most common reason to use a JV is lack of available cash, or to free up funds for future projects. However there could be other reasons too. Sometimes the nature of a project may be too unusual to fit on a lender's development finance products they may offer a JV.

What is the main drawback of JVs?

A JV split is a lot of cash. It could be up to 50% of profits. Most Developers avoid this route if they have available funds.

Are there many JV Lenders?

There are a handful of JV Lenders, this is a highly specialised area which can be difficult to access.

Can I get a JV with credit issues?

Unfortunately not, JV lenders will need string credit profiles.

What sort of experience is required?

Lenders will need to see 5-10 years of development experience. They will want to see that you have completed a few projects of equivalent size and that the current proposal is standard. Significant increases in project size would likely be rejected.

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