Houses in multiple occupation.

HMOs are properties with the rooms let on an individual basis to separate tenants. They are associated with higher rental yields and are popular with clients looking to maximise yield.

HMOs: the facts

The term ‘HMO’ can be applied to different kinds of property. Some have a low number of bedrooms, whereas other can be very large and complex. It’s best to call us to talk through specifics.

Investment properties with rooms rented separately
Up to 85% Loan to Value
Limited Company and personal name purchases accepted
Whole of Market advice

Suitable for:

  • First Time Landlords
  • Experienced Landlords
  • Limited Company purchases
  • Large and small HMOs
  • Those with some adverse credit
  • 15-25% deposit required
  • Those with some other form of employed or investment income

Not Suitable for:

  • First time buyers
  • Those with significant adverse credit
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Questions you may have.

What is the difference between a HMO and a normal
Buy to Let?

HMO mortgages allow you to rent each room on a separate tenancy agreement, whereas Buy to Let mortgages are intended for a single tenancy agreement.

How is affordability calculated on HMO mortgages?

Affordability is based on the rental income from the property. Some lenders will use the rental income of rooms being rented separately and some will use the rental figure of the property as
a single unit.

How quickly can I remortgage my recently
refurbished HMO?

We can now provide ‘day one remortgages’ which mean you do not need to have owned the property for 6 months before remortgaging it.

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COVID-19 and House Prices  - A Summary

What's been said about House Prices and what are their fundamental drivers

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